FAQsYou Need to Know


1. What is SiYasa Beauty:

Siyasa Beauty Inc. is Toronto’s first on demand beauty services app that allows ethnic women to book professional makeup artists, hair stylist and henna services anytime, anyplace! SiYasa’s goal is to make you Feel like Royalty, no matter where you’re from.

SiYasa’s team of beauty professionals speak a variety of languages reflecting the diversity of Toronto and have extensive experience in cultural makeup, hairstyles &headwraps.

2. How can I trust that the SiYasa Beauty artist are skilled and experienced?

Our beauty specialists undergo a rigorous practical interview to ensure that their experience and skills matches our mission of providing the royalty treatment that every woman deserves. SiYasa’s artists compete in an open marketplace that varies widely, ranging from price to skills and experience. SiYasa is a win-win situation for both the artists and clients as it gives the clients a chance to make a choice of the artist they want to use, while the freelance artists compete for clients’ services by promoting their past works, experience and prices just like a virtual beauty agency. You can count on SiYasa to make sure that the beauty pros that arrive to your home are vetted, professionals and experienced.

3. What does SiYasa mean?

A SiYasa is a cultural headpiece worn by a bride inHarar, Ethiopia. The bride who wears a SiYasa is not only treated like royalty and with utmost respect, but also gets a sense of empowerment, confidence and readiness to take on the world while looking gorgeously beautiful. Many East Africans and women from all over the world associate wearing a headpiece with royalty, beauty and elegance. For centuries, a headpiece has been adorned by the Kings, the Queens, the Winners, the Wealthy, the Royals, the Glamours and the Starlets. It is a symbol of power, accomplishment and distinction, hence, our name speaks to our mission - making every woman Feel like Royalty.

4. Who can use the SiYasa App?

Any woman in Toronto who has an android phone/tablet or aniphonethat wants to look and feel like royalty can use this app. Whether you are a student, a busy mom, a professional woman or an upcoming bride, this app is for you! SiYasa beauty artists specialize in cultural make-up looks, styling diverse hair textures and offer customized beauty services.

5. What makes SiYasa different from the other On-Demand beauty platforms?

The SiYasa beauty app offers our clients specialized cultural make-up looks, are trained in styling diverse hair textures and offercustomized beauty services.


6. What are the services thatSiYasa Beauty offers?

SiYasa offers make up, hairstyling and henna services for women living in Toronto. We will be expanding our buffet of services in the near future that will reflect the diversity of women in Toronto.

7. What is the duration of the appointments ?

All beauty appointments will vary depending on the service you select.Make-Up application takes about 60 min to 90 minutes depending on how much glam you want! Hairstyling depends on the length and texture of your hair. A blowout takes approximately 45 min to 60 min. Adding extensions or braiding takes about 2 hours. Henna/Mehndi service takes about 60 minutes for both hands depending on how intricate the designs are.

8. How do I get ready for my appointment ?

Blow outs

Wash and condition hair 30 minutes prior to the hairstylist’s arrival. Hairstylist will need an electrical outlet to use their hairstyling tools.


Wash your hair a day before the appointment for best results

Romantic Curls & Beach Waves

Wash your hair a day before the appointment for best results.

Make-up Application:

To maintain a long lasting make-up look, cleanse the face, tone and moisturize prior to the make up artist’s arrival

Henna/Mehndi Service

For best results, scrub your hands/feetwith soap and warm water to exfoliate.Rub the area with alcohol to remove any lotion or natural body oils. If the skin has any oil or lotions on it the henna won't be able to soak evenly.

9. Can I recommend my hair stylist or make up artist to use my personal products ?

Yes, that’s fine as long as you communicate that information to the makeup artist either prior to the appointment through the app or during the quick consultation at your home upon arrival

10. When do you recommend styling hair if it is chemically treated?

If your hair is relaxed, coloured, permed or chemically treated,we highly recommend to have a service booked after a 6 days. Chemically treated hair should not be washed for about 72 hours.

11. What time are SiYasa Beauty artists available?

SiYasa Beauty artist are available to make you feel like royalty from 10 am to 8 pm. Our on demand appointments will require a minimum3 hour advance notice. The Beauty App also gives you anoption of booking at a later time. SiYasa beauty will do its best to accommodate, should you have a unique request. Email us at info@siyasabeauty.com.

12. Is Gratuity included in the service fee?

20 % gratuity is included and calculated in the service fee and automatically charged to your credit card once your beauty service is completed.

13. How do I pay for my service?

All payments are made through your credit card which you set up when you download the app and create a profile. You will also receive a receipt on your email account that you registered your profile through.

14. What is SiYasa’scancellation policy?

We understand that there may be changes to your scheduled appointments or you may need to cancel your appointments.Please review our cancellation policy below:


If you cancel your beauty appointment within 1 hour of requesting the appointment, there is no cancellation fee.

If you cancel between 1 and 3 hours of your appointment, you will be charged 50 % of the total service cost.

If you cancel your beauty service within 1 hour of the appointment time, you will be charged 100% of the total service cost.


For any pre-booked beauty appointments, cancellations should be made by 8pm the day before your appointment. 100% of the total service cost will be charged for cancellations made any time after 8pm.

15. What are the prices for each service?

SiYasa beauty app provides the freelance artist the opportunity and freedom to set their own prices for the services they offer. You are able to select the artist and service based on your budget, location, ratings and other factors. We want to make sure you feel like royalty at all times.


16. Do the SiYasa Beauty Artists work for SiYasa Beauty Inc?

Hairstylists, Make up artists and Henna artists are independent business owners who use the SiYasa Beauty platform to build their brand and schedule their appointments. The artists determine their schedule, prices and the services they offer.

17. Can an artist be rated?

SiYasa clients are encouraged to rate the artists based on their experience on a scale of 1 to 10 on the App. This will allow your favourite artists will be rated to the top of the charts and generate more interests from other clients ,gain incentives and bonuses. Written reviews are also encouraged!

18. What kind of incentives are available for artists?

SiYasa Beauty has a commission structure that will encourage artiststo earn more. The moreclients book artiststhrough the app, the more theywill be qualified for additional bonuses for the month. As the company expands and builds, additional revenue streams will be created for artists.

19. How do I sign up to become a SiYasa Beauty artist?

Go to our website at www.siyasabeauty.com and click on the “Become a SiYasa Artist” section. Fill the registration form to the best of your ability. Once you have created a profile, you will be contacted by a Talent Acquisition Specialist within 48 hours.