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Welcome toSiYasa Beauty Inc.

SiYasa Beauty Inc. (hereinafter, referred to as “SiYasa”, “us”, “we”, “our”) collects from individual users (hereinafter referred to as “you, “your”, “client”, “clients”) certain personal information through the website and the mobile app SiYasa Beauty (or SiYasa). SiYasa Beauty is a mobile platform elevating ethnic beauty services to the next level. Our mobile app platform helps you schedule beauty appointments. It gives you unprecedented access to promotions, ratings ,fresh and new looks in the beauty industry. This Privacy policy explains the procedures related to collection and processing of all the personal information through the website and the mobile app.

The Service will not use your personal information in any other way than the way stated in this Privacy Statement. Further usage of personal information is possible only with your express consent. Consent can be given by tapping the “I agree” button upon request from the Service. Other documents, which may have an effect on your guidance to use this App could be auxiliary documents issued and expressly agreed upon by checking an “I agree” button, SiYasa’s Terms of Service or other Contracts you may have formed by utilizing this App.

We advise you to get acquainted with the terms set out herein carefully before you start using our Service. By creating an account, visiting or using this App, you conclusively express consent, and agree to be bound to the terms set forth in this document. Some areas may overlap with other documents, which are part of an entire agreement with you and SiYasa. Terms for other document you are bound to may be incorporated in this Privacy statement either directly or by Reference.


1.1 General

Setting the highest standards of privacy for our Users is the goal of our Service. We respect your privacy and the information you give to us willingly. Upon registering, some personal information (without limitation: e-mail, name and surname, country, telephone number, address, etc.) may be required from you. This information is used only to register your account or subscribe to our Newsletters.

1.2 Use of Personal information

Upon each inquiry of personal information from you, we will inform you about the scope of use of personal information, as well as the specific purpose it may fulfill on our App.

1.3 Termination of Account and the right to forget

Upon termination, all previously made bookings, payments and appointments are to survive the discontinuance of your user account. Personal information may be used further in order to execute the content of contracts created by third parties, after which all your personal information is to be deleted from our servers.


2.1 Appointments

Scheduling is to be done natively to third party service-providers via this App. SiYasa will not be held liable for any disputes or controversies which arise from the content of the appointment or the content of the contract formed between you and a third-party service provider. SiYasa is only to be regarded as a facilitator in helping you find a service provider according to your preferences.

2.2 Orders

Orders are to be made natively on the app. Upon checkout, you may be required to submit a payment natively or you are to be prompted to an authorized application or website. In both cases, the “Payment” subsection is to apply.

2.3 Payment

Payment is to be made upon checkout. Please note that the contract’s content as displayed on any area of the App is to be superseded by the information upon checkout (without limitation to: terms of contract, quantity and way of execution of contract). You are to be given several options while submitting a payment. Certain billing information (if not saved) will be required in order to submit a valid payment.

2.4 Third-party payment protocols

Third-party payment protocols are to be utilized in order to process the payment made by you to the third-party service or product provider. These payment protocols use top security encryptions in order to assure the safety of your transaction.

2.5 Invoices

Invoices are to be issued upon every order natively on the Application, and are to be sent to you via e-mail or other preferred method of receiving invoices. Please note that invoices are generated automatically, and are to contain pricing information as set forth upon checkout.


3.1 Notifications via the App

This application might, upon your consent, send you native notifications utilizing your Operating system protocols. The App may allow for synchronization with your native operating system’s calendar. Please note that such synchronization require consent prompted by means of a notification box by the application.

3.2 Notifications via e-mail

E-mail notifications are to be activated in the Application’s settings. All notifications are to be prompted to your e-mail address upon choosing to do so, and will contain information (without limitation) to: appointments, scheduling, trending features, updates and other application-related notifications.

Subscriptions and further references

Subscriptions are a facultative aspect of receiving newsletters, promotional and informational e-mails on a previously set frequency by our Service. After subscribing, you may unsubscribe at any given time, as the possibility is set forth in the e-mail via hyperlink. You are to be prompted to a site where you are to finish unsubscribing from promotional e-mails and newsletters.


4.1 General

Our Support team is here to establish a good connection between users and the service. If you have any questions or issues regarding your user experience, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our support team is acquainted with the latest privacy practices, so rest assured that your private information will stay private further on.

4.2 Use of your payment history

Your payment history may be accessed by our customer support team in case of need of assistance required on your behalf.

4.3 Use of your e-mail and credentials

Your personal credentials may be used upon request on your behalf in order to resolve any issues you might have with our Service.


5.1 Clear Gifs and Clear Pixels. Cookies.

Certain information is gathered and stored in log files. This information includes the IP address, browser type, ISP, OS, Date and Time Stamp and Clickstream data. This information does NOT identify individual Users nor can closely distinguish Users. This information is utilized to administer the site and to track Users’ movements across the App. Cookies are small pieces of data stored locally on Your Device. Session ID cookies are used and utilized to maintain Users’ subscriptions and accounts. Information stored in cookies cannot closely distinguish Users. Session Cookies are utilized to improve navigation on our site. We do not recommend restriction of cookies, because we utilize them to improve your user experience. Clear pixels are a part of a tracking technology, in order to track the movement of the Users within the app. In contrast to Cookies, Clear Gifs are not stored on your device. SiYasa Labs does not tie movement or usage data to personal information in any way whatsoever. Third party advertising services, providing you with targeted advertisements according to your preferences, according to your behavior and searches on the Internet. We may also utilize analytic software or algorithm in order for us to gain statistics gathered from users on our App. The information advertising services or analytic software or codes collects is not, in any way, relatable to your identity, and we do not believe that it may be used to disclose your identity.

5.2 Behavioral Tracking mechanisms

Third-party behavioral tracking methods are used on our Service. Please note that any information is not relatable to any user, whether underage or of age, and we do not believe it could be used to disclose your identity.

5.3 Location services

Upon installing this App the App may prompt you a question on your consent towards sharing your location with the App. Location data is primarily used in order to acquire location-related, non-disclosed data used for analytics. In order to enable Location Services, you are to give permission to use your location data. This App may request limited access to your location (only while using) or full access (even in the background). Location Services uses GPS, Bluetooth, crowd-sourced Wi-Fi hotspot, and cellular towers to determine the location of your device. Your Device may use any of these internet or location-providing agents to determine your location. Please note that your location is not used in any other way than enabling some functionalities of this App to which you expressly give consent to. We would also like to stress that, location-related, non-discloseable data is not to be related to the person utilizing this application, as all location-related data are anonymized.

5.4 Native search history

Native search history data may be stored in order to autofill or remind you of your most frequent searches within the App.

5.5 Opt-outs

In certain aspect of usage, Users are given the opportunity to opt-out of having their personal information used for certain purposes. Firstly, and as stated in the introductory clauses, all further usage of your personal information is subject to Your FURTHER CONSENT. You therefore have the choice of denying us access or not providing us this information, either manually within the app, or on your mobile device. Please note that some aspects of the functionality of this App depends on your providing of your personal information or location. If, at any time, you would like to unsubscribe from receiving future emails, you can email us directly, or submit a request on a dedicated area of our Website or App. You may also request to unsubscribe form future e-mails by following the instructions at the bottom of each email. Upon doing so, you will be promtly removed from ALL corespondense you have been subscribed to.


This Service’s content is primarily original, unless stated or attributed otherwise. SiYasa has all proprietary rights, without limitation to copyright and other intellectual property rights to display the content generated by or for the purposes of SiYasa on the Web. As such, they are protected by Canadian and international copyright laws and regulations. Users are obliged to treat this App as legally protected material. One is not to rent, sublet, redistribute, sell, timeshare or copy this Service’s source Code, Content or create Derivative works out of it by way of unauthorized translating or disassembling. SiYasa may authorize you to do any of the aforementioned by expressing consent to your previous written request. Please note that authorization may not be given entirely or at all. In case of violation of SiYasa’s proprietary rights, appropriate litigation on behalf of SiYasa against the person or entity involved in unauthorized violation of SiYasa’s proprietary rights may ensue.

6.1 Content created by Users

User Submissions are a type of content added by (all types of) users, as opposed to the created and displayed content by SiYasaBeauty . All content uploaded to this Service is to be regarded primarily as a User Submission. SiYasa reserves the right, but not the obligation, to start inquiries about possible breaches of these Terms of Service. SiYasa does not, in any way, endorse, favor or otherwise approve of any User Submission which is freely uploaded by the Registered Users. Violations of the Terms under which Content may be uploaded may result in removal of the Submission with or without previous notice. Repeated breaches of the Content Terms may result in a part-time or permanent ban of a User from accessing certain functionalities of our Service.


SiYasa reserves the right to terminate a User’s access the Platform, if they turn out to be repeated infringers. SiYasaBeauty may, in its sole discretion, initiate inquiries of abuse of misbehavior of any user, whether by breaching the terms regarding content upload(s) or general behavior terms explained bellow, in the “Users” section.

The reserved rights in case of violation of these terms include:

- Deletion of User submission or Upload

- Temporary or permanent bans on some functionalities of this Service

- Temporary or permanent bans from accessing SiYasa’s App

- Initiating legal proceedings against the individual or entity involved in penal behavior against the functionality of this service under Canadian law.

As a private entity bound by the applicable law of Canada, SiYasa is to share any personal information you may have provided to the Service upon formal requests of appropriate state authorities. With high respect of Users’ privacy, SiYasa will disclose the minimum amount of information as required by applicable law.


We utilize high security standards in order to protect your information on our Service. No method untill today is a hundred percent safe, but we continuously work to maintain well-secured platform for our Users. We, as a Service, bound by ethics and ethiquette, oblige ourselves to notify you via e-mail in case our Service has suffered a data breach as soon as we find out about the Breach. You are entitled to seek redress from us in the case we do not inform you of a security breach which was within our scope of knowledge.

8.1 Sharing on the Third Party Platforms

Authorized third-party platforms may have dedicated buttons on the App in order to share some of the works uploaded on the platform directly to the third-party App or platform. If the content contained on SiYasa is shared on a third-party authorized platform, it is to have proper accreditation of the author, as well as the direct link that leads to an appropriate SiYasa App or mobile site for reference.


11.1 Ownership of Service and Service’s content

The content generated by or for SiYasa has all proprietary rights to be displayed and available worldwide. Other content uploaded on the SiYasa platform is to be accredited accordingly.

Accreditation of user comments as part of user submissions is to be by the name or nickname of the specific registered user. Please note that unregistered users (may/may not) be allowed to post user comments on specific content on SiYasa.

11.2 Ownership of User Submissions

Upon sharing your User submission, you retain all proprietary rights. You hereby grant SiYasaa Universal, Worldwide, non-Exclusive, Royalty-free, Transferrable License to be used, reproduced, performed, modified, displayed and otherwise manipulate with the User Submission. These licenses granted by you in User Comments are perpetual and irrevocable. The licenses are not valid for User submissions which have or had been deleted by the Users. Pleak2se note that this license is only granted to SiYasa in order to feature or display some of your user submissions on its App worldwide. User submissions of General users allowed to upload user comments in various forms (text or multimedia) is not to infringe any copyright, intellectual property right or other proprietary rights of any third party whatsoever, outside the scope of fair use. In case a user submission (ex. User comment) is used for marketing goals on behalf of SiYasa, the name or nickname of the user will be included as a form of accreditation.

11.3 Express Licensing Grant

SiYasa hereby grants you a non-exclusive and non-transferrable license to use of this App’s content and services. This license limited to personal use, and is further limited according to any Terms or Contract SiYasa stipulates with you. Applicable Licensing Terms may be displayed at an accessible place or visible to you.

11.4 Indemnification

You hereby agree to indemnify and hold SiYasa, its Representatives and Partners harmless from and against any loss, cost, damage and expense, including but not limited to: attorneys' fees and court costs, arising directly or indirectly from your use of the SiYasa’s App, software or services and/or your breach of any representation, warranty or restriction contained in this agreement.


12.1 Continuity of Content and Service

SiYasa reserves the right to, at any time, discontinue any part of the Service or the Service as a whole. SiYasa will not be held liable for the discontinuance of any aspect of the Service or the Content provided by SiYasa within. If the Service is permanently disabled, all contracts between users and the Service are to be terminated immediately, without limitation to paid services as well.

In the event that SiYasa goes through a business transition (merger, acquisition, sale of assets etc.), your personal information and content uploaded by you will likely be among the assets transferred accordingly to the title of transfer under which the information and content are being owned or used by the Service (ex. You will be notified via e-mail of any such change of ownership of your personal information.

12.2 Continuity of this Agreement

These Terms of Service along with all the supplemental documents and notifies, constitute a single, legally binding agreement between you and SiYasa, and produce legal effect from their date of issue. Every older version of these documents is superseded with the issuing of a renewed version. In case of change of any of our terms, we will notify you on our website, by e-mail, or, at a visible location of our App.

12.3 Disclaimer

SiYasa’s platform and App is provided “as is”. SiYasa does not unilaterally provide any express or implied terms, representations, warranties or conditions. SiYasa, its employees, offices, agents or other representatives are further not liable, to the maximum extent permitted by law for any: direct, indirect, special or consequential loss; business or private losses, including: income, savings, or profit loss, loss of contract, loss of goodwill, Bidder ships or representations loss, warranty loss, data corruption, personal loss. The aforementioned limitations are voided in the exclusive case that SiYasa has willingly voided it’s limitation of liability in a specific Set of Terms and/or Contract. Limitations apply in the case that SiYasa had been advised of the potential loss. SiYasa does not take any responsibility for the unreasonable behavior of visitors and/or third parties. Furthermore, SiYasa does not take any responsibility for publishing any content, which is not in any way meant to constitute and/or provide any type of professional advice. SiYasa is further not responsible in any way, to no extent in the unlikely case of severe host and/or server failure or breach, or any other Vis major, which is not in scope of SiYasa’s ability to control. This disclaimer cannot and will not exclude any warranty or liability implied by Canadian applicable law, will not exclude and/or limit any warranty or liability which is illegal or unlawful to limit or exclude in compliance with the applicable law of Canada. You hereby understand this liability limitation statement, and are fully compliant with it in its entirety.

12.4 Relevant Jurisdiction

This agreement is written and is to be interpreted in accordance with Canadian applicable law. Any proceedings, whether court or alternative-dispute resolution methods as recognized by Canadian law are to be in the sole jurisdiction of the Canadian authorities.

12.5 Interpretation guidelines

This agreement is not to be in favor of a weaker party, as there is not such party under this specific contract. Due to the fact that both the Service and the Users have high bargaining powers in stipulating a contract with each other, as well as several dozens of options for customizing the user experience, we believe that this agreement, even if it is a main framework for the functioning of this Service, is a collection of the basic rules and guidelines all Services of this type abide by.

12.5 Pro-Validity Clause

If any part of this Agreement is, or is deemed by an appropriate authority to be unenforceable by the applicable Canadian law, this will not affect the enforceability of any other provision of these Terms of Service. These Terms are created in full compliance with the Canadian applicable law and International Standards.

This Service is to be made available in any jurisdiction which recognizes similar institutes which are stated in these Terms under the respective applicable law of the jurisdiction. If any jurisdiction prohibits an existence of such service, these Terms arek8 to be nullified in full and the Service is not to be made available in these jurisdictions.

12.6 Dispute-resolution Clause

All Parties have agreed that, in the case of any issue, dispute or controversy, the Parties will try their best to settle the issue by means of alternative dispute-resolution, primarily throughArbitration and Mediation as recognized by the Canadian applicable Law. If such proceedings fail, court proceedings before the relevant Canadian courts may ensue.

12.7 Severability

These Terms, along with all supplemental documents you have expressed your consent to, without limitation to conclusive means of acceptance, are to be regarded as a single, legally-binding contract between you and SiYasa Beauty Inc.